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Happy Valentines Day!! We are buried under more snow…yay. I’ll be spending most of the day with my little one..Here is us hanging out yesterday while it was snowing.


Not much else going on…Haven’t had much time to work on my writing lately as I have a little one who has given up naps and plenty of appointments going on! I’ll figure it out soon enough though.



BURRR! It’s cold out there. I usually don’t mind winter, but this winter has just seemed so long!! We are getting cabin fever!!


But, hey…we are trying to make the best of it. Been working on getting Darkness of Night completed. The flu swept through our house and was brutal!! Needless to say, it took a good long time to recover from all that! That’s what is going on in my neck of the woods.



So I am pretty much done with Alexander’s story. I’m just gonna sit and let it stew in my head a couple days before going back for a final read. But, the cover for it just came :D YAY!

1-Premade exclusive book cover 468 ebook

Oh, how I do love it! Okay, so we are under almost a foot of snow. So, definitely going to have some play time outside with the little one, then maybe I can work on it some more!



Just wanted to tell those that downloaded my book, thanks!! Hope you like it, and I’ve heard from a few people already that they did! So, of course I always love to hear that!

Okay, down to business. I’ve been asked if there is going to be another book to Carma and Blane’s story? As of right now, no. I may decide later, to come back to that story line in a different capacity, not to give away any spoilers.

So, I have been asked what’s next in the Dimmest of Night series? Alexander is next. I really wanted to wait to tell his story, but I just couldn’t. The thoughts were just burning away in my head! Okay, so I have his story almost competed.

Question #3, I have been asked. Where is Grant’s story? (The Walker Brother Series)  I have started on Grant’s story and still do plan on putting his story out. I can’t lie, I have a way’s to go but as soon as I am done with Alexander’s story on that series, I am back to finishing off The Walker Brothers series. Then back to the Dimmest Series. I do have another paranormal story started as a stand alone, that I started quite some time ago. I’ll get back to that one, eventually. :) Okay, so there it is. All my plans ;)

Oh, one more thing- Dimmest of Night IS a Standalone. I plan on each book  being about a new person, introduced in prior books! Thanks again, for those who support me!



Dimmest of Night free TODAY ONLY!! Only on Amazon!! Perfect time to go get a copy!



Dimmest of Night has been released TODAY!! Go check it out on Amazon! $2.99 :)

01-Dimmest of Nigth by J-001



I have been absent for far to long! After much thought, I have decided to release my paranormal romance “Dimmest Of Night.” I am hoping everyone loves it, as much as I loved writing it. I am hoping to have it out before the weekend on Amazon. Keep checking back for updates! :) Here is the picture of my cover for “Dimmest of Night”….I absolutely love it!

01-Dimmest of Nigth by J-001


10/9/13 What a gorgeous fall day to behold. A cool 59 degrees and loving it. Just look at my gorgeous view this morning from my balcony. 2013-10-09 08.15.19 Halloween is almost upon us, and I’m so excited. We will be going back home to see family. I have been working on a couple different books as of right now. I almost have the second book completely done in my paranormal series and I’m working on a short story now also. Hope everyone has a happy safe holiday. :) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– 9/2/13 Okay so I’ve been absent for way to long. I have been writing a little, reading a little and chasing my toddler Been feeling under the weather so I haven’t gotten a whole lot accomplished. Finally decided I should probably go see the doctor. I don’t know if it’s allergies??~cold???~something else??? So the little league world series was in town this past month…ya it was a little estimated influx of 40,000 people…here is a pic from my balcony.fbblimp

So that is all for now..I’m already getting excited for Halloween. LOVE Halloween as it is my favorite time of year. Hopefully I can get a snippet of my new book I’m working on posted soon. Have a great day!!


8/5/13 Enjoying the beautiful day and got some writing done as my little one was down for a nap. LOVE days like these… 2013-08-05 12.12.44 Hope everyone has a great Monday. I have already gotten 2k wrote for today, hoping for maybe some more later. ————————————————————————————————————————————————————–


Just a reminder that I posted all of chapter one of my book “On Steady Ground”  under Book Snippets. Just scroll down until you see it. :) You can find the book on Amazon as an e-book. For those following, my Paranormal Romance “Dimmest Of Night” is still on the publishers desk being looked at. Which I am hopeful for, but am so excited to get the story out there someday. So here is a picture of my new writing space… IMG_2470

Yep, I love it. I plan on equal time outside on the balcony and in my new room! Hopefully after I get some writing done today I can post a few snippets. Everyone have a good weekend!!



So yesterday was my birthday, the big 33. I firmly believe in you are only as old as you feel. In this case I should be about double that however…lol. This was what I woke up to. mountains1 mountains2   —————————————————————————————————————————————————–


The move is over! woohoo!! Now time to get writing again. I have been absent far to long. Here is the new beautiful view right off my balcony which just happens to be my new writing spot. :) outside2

Ahhhh…..the serenity. Obviously we are up really high and I have to tell ya…my workout this morning was Killer!! I have never tackled such a steep incline and I couldn’t even begin to run it. Oh yeah, I need to work a little harder on getting back into shape. So, anyway still unpacking. I have a lot of the rooms done but still have so much more to do. I do not have any new material to post :( I will get to working on that asap. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————-


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July tomorrow :) Mine will be spent with the family, cooking out on the grill and spending time together. Hoping for no rain and a little less humidity…’s been HOT this week. I got some wonderful reviews on Amazon this week and that has made my day…Here is a 5* that made me smile from Tangled Future. :) A AWESOME READ! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! This truly is an awesome story! The plot is so climactic never can put it down! This book was a lot more steamy than the first and by the and you’re not sure who you want her to be with more! But obviously you’re ecstatic with the happy ending! VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Thanks again for everyone that has downloaded my books as I appreciate each and every one of you. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————-


The weekend was long and spent packing. My back is screaming at me today. I did manage to get some writing done though, which always makes me happy. This was our weather one night.. 2013-06-28 16.53.41 Yeah it was pretty ominous looking, but just got a few drops of rain. Hope everyone has a splendid, productive Monday. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————-


It’s Friday!! :) Besides a doctor appointment today it’s turning out to be a pretty good day :) Got about 2k wrote this afternoon. Packing all weekend, hubby has a race tomorrow and True Blood and Big Brother Sunday night! Not wanting the weekend to rush by, but looking forward to my shows Sunday! Here are a few pictures of around town this past week.. 2013-06-27 08.42.27 2013-06-26 18.49.08 It’s been rainy and cloudy this week. The pic on the left is the other morning the fog rolling in over the mountains. And a beautiful day on the right as we went for an ice cream run. Everyone have a enjoyable weekend! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————

5/18/13 Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We have been exploring PA and loving it. Found some new places to run at and some new trails and walking paths… How beautiful is that?! These were taken with my cell phone but I am hoping to get my Nikon out tomorrow night for the super moon. However, I don’t think the weather is going to hold up for it. I don’t have a powerful enough lens to get an exceptional picture but this exact spot still would have been fun to take a few at. 2013-06-20 19.44.46 2013-06-20 19.35.53 2013-06-20 19.44.40 I got some writing done today and my jog in, so not to shabby of a day. Now I am watching the Boston/Chicago Hockey game with my husband on the tv. Great fun! :) Haven’t been able to work on Grant Walkers story because I started on a new paranormal romance. I had to get it down on paper because it has been in my head for a while, so yeah……started on another. As soon as I get going on Grant’s again I will post a snippet. I’m about 20k in on it and I am anxious to wrap up the Walker Bro’s story. I am having tons of fun bringing them to life. Anyways, have a good weekend and don’t forget about True Blood tomorrow night~ —————————————————————————————————————————————————————


True Blood last night was CrAzY! Hope everyone had a good Daddy’s day! :) I didn’t get any writing done this weekend but I intend on making up for it this week. We had a good fathers day yesterday. Went down to the duck pond, which the little one always enjoys. Got some sweet pics, and some beautiful views. bella6edit I will post a snippet when I get some more writing done. Hope everyone has a great Monday. :) ———————————————————————————————————————————————————-


True Blood starts soon!! :) blog3 This is exactly what I have been saying all along ;) Okay so update on my writing…I am 20k in on Grant’s story. I am going to soon work on another paranormal romance. This one is going to be a spin off of a character I introduced in my book Dimmest of Night. Each book will be a stand alone but each book will feature a different character. Dimmest of Night is not released anywhere and I will keep all updated on what is happening with it. So that is all for now. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————–


Hope everyone is having a lovely day…I have been away to long!! :) Been at the computer!! Here is a snippet from Grant Walker’s book that I just started working on again yesterday.

Bye Grant.” Closing the door slowly, I let out the breath I was holding as it latched shut. Bracing myself against the back of the door, I could hear his foot steps walking away. A confusing mix of relief and disappointment washed over me all at the same time. I hated mixed emotions when it came to people. I like black or white, never the gray area. Gray area’s left room for interpretation, and in his area it just managed to give him more of an air of mysteriousness. Grant Walker didn’t need anything else going for him. The man already peaked my interest way more than I liked, or was comfortable with for that matter.



5/6/13 My new book “On Steady Ground” just released yesterday is FREE on Amazon today ONLY. I am running this free day so soon to thank all my family, friends and the fantastic people that I don’t know who have supported my other two books! :) So, it’ll be a while before you see that again… Here is the link you can copy and paste in your browser: onsteadyground1red-001 ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- 4/26/13

I got to write yesterday!! It’s amazing how much better I feel when I get the opportunity. My daughter had her first doctor appointment here in PA yesterday. Mommy was stressed out worse than daughter. We left an amazing doctor and I’m not sure I’m to hip to this new one. Anyhow here is a snippet of some of my work last night→ scene set up→Grant (Ian’s brother) talking to the lead female character Lizzy. ↓↓

“I’ve thought of nothing else but our kiss. Tell me that you haven’t felt the same way.”

Not wanting to hurt his feelings, “Grant, it’s been a horrid day. I don’t wish to talk about any of this anymore.” Turning my back to him and laying down on the bed.

“Okay, well I was just worried about you.” He said starting to rise, my guilt getting the best of me.

Turning and shoving the pillow further under my head, “I’m sorry Grant. I’m just in a bad mood. That’s no excuse for my rudeness.”

“No worries. I would be a little concerned if the nights events didn’t shake you up. Truth is Lizzy I know you think I have a crush on you. I know this isn’t the most opportune time to bring this up and I don’t want you to say anything. I just want you to think about what I’m about to say. I am no longer that high school boy you once knew. I am a man, and I no longer have crushes. You intrigue me. You have always intrigued me. It is true that you are to good for me, but that doesn’t keep me from hoping that I can be deserving of you just the same. If you were to ever choose me, I would take care of you. You would never want for anything. I would commit fully to you, I would prove to you everyday that I can be faithful. Please just give me a chance. A fair chance.” Leaning down and kissing me on the forehead he walked out, closing the door behind him.


4/23/13 My baby turned 2 yesterday, the reason why I have been absent and have gotten absolutely nothing done ;) Family was in town and I’ve been go, go, go!! Anyhow, I wish I had something new to post, but I haven’t been able to write..booo!! Here is a pic of the birthday cake she got to dig in to. bday2 And here is just a funny, I couldn’t help but bust out laughing when I seen it… blog4 If I am able to get anything written today, I’ll come back on later and post a snippet. ———————————————————————————————————————————- 4/19/13 I didn’t get a chance to go through and post a snippet from Tangled Dreams. Today is the last free day on Amazon!! Anyhow, here is a snippet from my newest book that I am writing right now :) This is from what I had time to work on yesterday.>>>>>>>>>Hope you like it…I really have to decide on the title for it!

You shouldn’t be alone tonight. Do you want me to call Grant back here for you?” He asked, curious of her response. He had just gotten off the phone with his brother, after his long trip back home. He hated the fact that they had spent a whole day together.

My cheeks flaring red, “No. I know I’m a burden to you, so I’ll just leave. I’m sorry Ian.” I said getting up and walking towards the kitchen wanting to flee before he could see the disappointment in my face. Feeling myself being pulled back, I was suddenly in Ian’s arms looking up into his face.

Are you with my brother Lizzy?” He asked looking down at me earnestly.

I wanted to give a smart ass remark, but I thought better of it after seeing how serious he was. “No Ian. I am not with your brother.” Looking up at him defiantly.

Do you want to be with my brother?”

This is ridiculous.” I said starting to turn, only being pulled back into his chest.

Fine one more question. Do you love him?” His body firing up at the mere sight of her in his shirt and nothing else.

No.” I said staring up into his eyes.

I can work with that.” He said, his lips crushing down on mine.

And here is the one I posted a couple of days ago>>>>>>>from a different section of the book.

Reaching the bathroom, he carefully set me down on the edge of the tub, my feet sitting on the inside. Turning on the water the warmth was slowly circling my feet. Putting a towel over my shoulders he rubbed my arms, trying to help warm me. Looking up at him, he wore faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt. His hair falling forward, his eyes concentrating on the task at hand. Which happened to be me. Feeling like I was more of a duty than a person I grabbed his hand, forcing him to stop. “Where were you?” I asked, my words now starting to come out a little easier as my body started to warm.

“I had some business to take care of.” He said looking away from me nervously.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————– 4/15/13 Yesterday….ughh..yikes. I have no words for it. Stressful is the best way to describe it. It can be so difficult at times moving away from everything and everyone you know. Even through all of this, I don’t regret it and it makes you stronger. So, after finding out all four of our tires on our car was dangerously cracked and crumbled off the rim, I became extremely appreciative for the state inspection, instead of annoyed. Thing is, they weren’t even that old. So, it turned out to be a good thing.

Reaching the bathroom, he carefully set me down on the edge of the tub, my feet sitting on the inside. Turning on the water the warmth was slowly circling my feet. Putting a towel over my shoulders he rubbed my arms, trying to help warm me. Looking up at him, he wore faded blue jeans and a black t-shirt. His hair falling forward, his eyes concentrating on the task at hand. Which happened to be me. Feeling like I was more of a duty than a person I grabbed his hand, forcing him to stop. “Where were you?” I asked, my words now starting to come out a little easier as my body started to warm.

I had some business to take care of.” He said looking away from me nervously.

———————————————————————————————————————————— 4/14/13 It is Sunday and I got little sleep. I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Northern Lights and Pennsylvania was in the “good” area to see it last night. One problem>>the clouds<< :( So, I checked periodically, then got up at 4 a.m when it was supposed to clear out…and nothing! So disappointed. Maybe someday I’ll get my glimpse. I worked on my book last night. I’m about 25K in already. Really enjoying writing this one. However, I enjoy writing every one of them. Can’t wait to get back to writing my next Paranormal Romance however. Just a reminder that my book “Tangled Dreams” will be free this Thursday and Friday on Amazon. So if you haven’t downloaded it yet, those days will be perfect! Nothing else to report, went on my favorite running route yesterday and snapped this picture. blog1 —————————————————————————————————————————————————————

4/8/13 It’s Monday! Hope everyone’s weekend treated you well. For the most part, it was a relaxing one for me. I didn’t get much accomplished but sometimes that happens. I got to watch my favorite movie after the little one went to bed.> blog2 And…I was reading on the book to a little this weekend. Anytime I get to read is a good day :) Mostly, I enjoyed spending time with my family. Such a beautiful weekend that we played ball outside with Bella, cooked out on the grill…etc…it’s the little things. —————————————————————————————————————————-

4/5/13 It’s Friday!! When your a mom that means very little however, it’s supposed to be nice out and my hubby will be home…so always love that! :) Here’s my funny for the day… blog1 Yeah, that pretty much sums up my book to movie thoughts….lol…there has never been an instance where I liked the movie better than the book. And am I the only one who has an obsession over never wanting to buy a book with the movie cover on it? It annoys me. I have to have the original book cover…yeah’s not like anything has changed on the inside and usually covers don’t matter to me, but I hate seeing the stars of the movie plastered on the covers of my book! Okay, that is my annoyance of the day. Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend! :) ————————————————————————————————————————————- ——

4/1/13 Hope everyone had a nice Easter..Mine was good, besides the rain all day we made the most of it. Just an FYI I have another free day coming up for my book “Tangled Dreams.” So keep an eye out for that. Brainstorming on my next book, while I send out my just finished one “Dimmest of Night.” I introduced several interesting supporting characters in Dimmest of Night that I plan on picking one character, and then continuing with on my next book. Can’t wait to start writing it…although I’m taking a couple days off ;) I’ll continue to brainstorm and write everything down on my characters! If you’re Twilight sensitive~Look away now!! I had a chance to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 again this weekend. I can’t say I’m a crazed die hard fan of the series..but I did enjoy the books. I love how they were written and are one of those people that prefer the books over the movies. Just the same, my completely random thought of the day…but out of all the characters in this last installment Benjamin was my favorite. I liked his character although you didn’t see him as much, the whole manipulating the elements was kinda geeky cool. So, yeah random I know…..but I love talking characters from books/movies. breaking-dawn2-poster-benjamin-rami-malek ———————————————————————————————————————————-

3/27/13 I just realized I was MIA on this blog yesterday!! Busy, busy, stressful day yesterday. First off and most importantly I sent out a query letter for my latest book “Dimmest of Night” on the 25th at 10 pm. So, I’m checking my email yesterday at noon and I got an email back. I’m thinking, Oh no…did they hate it so much that I’m already getting a rejection letter less than 24 hours later?? My heart plummeted, my ego got shredded and I opened it up ready to move it to another folder and to my surprise they want to see more! So, my heart went to crushed to amazingly happy. It was just what I needed. Then I read all that they wanted and I went to very worried. So, that was my day. Hanging out with my little one, and then working after bed time. Today will probably be much of the same. I have a proposal to work on, a more in depth synopsis and three chapters to format. I intend on spending as much time on it as I need, for I want it to be as perfect as I can manage. Then if they pass on it, I learn from it and move on and try, try, try again. Just keep telling myself that if I do my best, then I won’t have anything to regret. I hope everyone has a great day. Well, Sunday is supposed to be super nice here in PA this weekend so I’m taking my little one down to feed the friendly ducks.>> blog2 ———————————————————————————————————————————— 3/22/13 ******************************My first book (Tangled Dreams) is going to be offered free on Amazon Sunday March 24th and Monday March 25th. So, if you haven’t picked it up yet, those 2 days are the perfect time!!!! I will be posting reminders!! :) Go, and click on my link to the right of the blog and you can get to the book from there. I am so happy, yesterday I got almost 5k wrote on my new book, and yes I did this at nap times and bed times for the little one. Not to shabby I think. I love days where the writing just flows easily :) Still working on those 6 a.m runs…Now instead of feeling completely lousy and tired, I am started to feel energized and better during the day…finally!! I changed the book cover for my first book, going with the idea of making it more “appealing” to the readers. :) I hope everyone loves the book, as much as I loved writing it. Either way, I put years into that book, and took me many more years to get it out. (yes I can be a complete chicken at times) But, I have a hubby that believes in me and convinced me to take that leap of faith. Now so thankful that I did. Okay, so here is my new cover>> everyone have a great day!! 1-chair1-001 ———————————————————————————————————— 3/20/13 I now have my book listed on kdp select on Amazon. So now you if you are a “prime” member you can borrow the book. Look for my future promotions where I will be offering Tangled Dreams for free ;) Just a reminder that Tangled Dreams and Tangled Future are strictly Adult Romance books. The book I am writing now (Dimmest of Night) is a Paranormal Romance. You can find my books, and my author page here> Hope everyone’s week is treating you well. I was working on promotion for my other two books last night so I didn’t get any writing done. That’s okay though, I still felt productive. So, go check out my books if you haven’t already, or keep an eye on my blog for the free days coming up on Tangled Dreams. Well since I post pictures almost everyday, these are two on where we live now>>>>>Have a great day!! blog2 blog3 ————————————————————————————————————- 3/19/13 Writers Block!! I don’t think it’s block as much as it is me wanting total perfection. I need to get back to that place where I can just write and write and I don’t worry about every single detail. I usually save that for when I go back and edit. I don’t know why I am doing that on this book. It’s really holding me up though!! Grrrrr! <<Sometimes it really puts me in a aggravated, foul mood! Anyhow I did get a little wrote today. Hope to get more done tonight…maybe? Hopefully? On a different note I got my new picture/digital art painting in the mail for my wall today. I LOVE it. Going tonight to get a frame for it. Here is the original and then the digital art print>>> blog3 blog1 I thought he did a great job. If you would like his fb page link…just let me know and I’ll post it. Hope everyone has a great day!! ————————————————————————————————————————————— 3/15/13 Yay Friday!! :) Looking forward to spending some family time together this weekend. Here is my random of the day. Since moving to Pennsylvania, we have had this ongoing “thing” “joke” …etc..whatever….. that I am always saying I want to see a sasquatch. I know it’s been one of those questions, Yes? No? Who knows, but I’m always joking how I’m going to go “Squatchin” ;) SO, I get this in the mail the other day from my smart aleck husband.>> blog1 A t-shirt and hat. So, yeah I would wear it just to embarrass him but it’s impossible to embarrass that man. So, I’m still totally gonna rock my new gear!! If you’re following my progress on my book, I do believe I am almost at 40k now. I did get a couple thousand words done last night before turning in. Also, I think I got all the pics I want for my portfolio edited and done. So, I’ll be putting it together as soon as I order the prints. Here are a couple of pics I’m going to include in it. >> port6bw edit12bw The girls on the left, I used to work with back home (Illinois) The one on the right is one of my twin nieces. Miss them terribly! I took their pictures for Homecoming. :) Hope everyone has a great weekend. I hope by Monday I’ll have some good updates about my book!! ———————————————————————————————————————————– 3/12/13 6 a.m. run this morning….I would say I killed it, but I’m pretty sure it killed me. Did better than I thought I would, 1 and 1/2 miles. I guess I wasn’t in as bad shape as I initially thought. Still unimpressive I know. Rainy, gloomy day today. Maybe I’ll get some writing done. :) Have a good Tuesday…Here are my St. Patty’s day inspired Photo’s>>>> blog2 blog1 Pictures taken on the coast of The Ring of Kerry, Ireland…Beautiful views. ————————————————————————————————————————————- 3/11/13 It’s Monday…enough said ;) Spent an hour finishing off a chapter last night before I went to bed and pretty much died for the night. I didn’t get a chance to edit last night so my snippet will have to wait until tomorrow. I’ve been so busy writing lately that I haven’t had much of a chance for my other hobbies…I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Problem is I have to many other ones…scrapbooking, drawing, jogging, reading, photography. There doesn’t seem to ever be enough time for everything. Planning on going to Michaels in the next couple of days to frame up some of my drawings. Been wanting to get a few on the walls for years. These were just pictures I drew from some posters and pictures hanging on my walls. It’s always been a good stress reliever for me.   ————————————————————————————————————————————- 3/10/13 What a day in PA…Beautiful and 60 :) Took my little one to feed the ducks at the ponds…. blog3 Needless to say, she loved it! She stood and chattered at them while they ate the bread. Spent a couple hours writing after everyone went to bed last night. This girl is tired!! Stayed up late then couldn’t get to sleep because my mind just wouldn’t shut down already!! I am about at the half way mark on my new book, so I’m getting there. :) Hope to maybe post some snippets tomorrow. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My weekend was spent with my family, couldn’t ask for better. ———————————————————————————————————————–


I fit writing into my schedule yesterday!! woohoo! 2k wrote while my little angel took her nap, and then after she went to bed. It was such a gorgeous day here in PA yesterday that my girl and I went for a walk and she adored it. I think we were both getting a bit of cabin fever. blog2edit blog1edit   Some more St. Patty’s day Ireland photo’s. First picture taken in Killarney at Christmas time (when I visited) The second taken at The Merry Ploughboy Pub. Such fun :) ——————————————————————————————-


Okay so the flu bug got me!! I still managed to write 10k over the weekend and lost a little sleep in the process. Well worth it! My newest book is coming a long nicely. I am now at 25K and I can’t seem to put my laptop down. I do however, but it’s difficult. Okay, so moving on~St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner >LOVE< So, I’m posting some pics of when I kicked number one straight off my bucket list and visited Ireland! Surreal and Gorgeous come to mind! So happy I faced my fear of flying and went on that very long trip! So for the next couple days my pictures will probably be St. Patrick’s day inspired :) Okay, gotta shove off for now, everyone have a lovely day!! ireland1 ireland2 Here is a picture of me at The ring of Kerry and then the picture next to it is Blarney Castle, and yes I kissed that Blarney Stone! ;) ———————————————————————- I am now listed on AuthorsdB website!! As a new author, I am just looking to do what I love. Write! Websites like AuthorsdB help in getting the word out. So, Yay!! On a side note~ The book I am working on now (The Dimmest Night) is coming a long nicely. My first Paranormal Romance I am excited to get it out there once finished. :) Here is hoping everyone has a wonderful Monday!! It’s a beautiful day in Pennsylvania :) lake1 Looking forward to taking Bella to feed the ducks this spring!! I left cornfields for Mountains. My old backyard below. I still miss it a little. I would sit on the deck and watch the deer eat in the fields. fields1   —————————————————————————————————————————–


I have been MIA from my website for a couple days. I have been writing like a crazed woman!! That nasty little flu bug tried to get me down as I have been feeling like a truck ran me over the last couple days. I have managed to get 7k wrote however. Not to shabby for this girl. I am already starting to stress over writing the synopsis for The Dimmest Night. I am already in love with the story I have been weaving together and I was giving thought to giving the good ol’ fight on trying to win over an agent. Yeah, not holding my breath. As much as I would love to have my books on the shelves for the masses, I am a realist and I’m pretty sure I have a better chance of getting drafted to the MLB. ;) However, I do not give up and I will always write my books and get them out there one way or another. After all that is what it’s all about….writing. So with that said, I just want to say how much I LOVE books, reading and writing a like..So, my picture of the day is of the bookstore in my hometown I had to leave to move to PA! Miss it so much! Bookstorepic1 bookstorepic2 bookstorepic3 These are just a few pictures~ We had many different alcoves that ran the length of the store with different genre’s. Everything from William Johnstone in Westerns to Lee Child in Thrillers to Susan Wiggs in Romance to Agatha Christie in Mystery. Yes I know my books!! :) The top two pictures are of the back of the store and the bottom picture is just of one section in the front. Hoping everyone has a fantastic day!! (All personal photo’s in this blog/website are copy righted and must have consent of the photographer to download or print) ©

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Wapi Aponi: Author Interview


1. Why did you become a writer?

I always have ideas swirling around in my head for story lines. I became a writer to give people that same sense of happiness I feel when I read a book that I fall in love with. Not only that, writing gives me a feeling of happiness that I could never begin to describe.

2. What are your hopes and dreams for your future in the writing world?

Pretty standard answer. My hope is to some day find and agent and become professionally published. However, I look at the bigger picture, and that is just to write. I love to write, I love to put it out there and I love the responses I get from people. There is no feeling happier in this world than when some one says “I love your book, I couldn’t put it down.” Best feeling ever.

3. What kinds of books do you read?

I love Romance and Paranormal Romance books. Anything from Nora Roberts to Sherrilyn Kenyon to Karen Marie Moning. Who doesn’t love a good “Happily ever after.”

4. What kind of surroundings do you need while writing?

I can write in any sort of surroundings. When the need strikes me I will write. I carry a small notebook in my purse just in case I think of anything while I am away from my computer. I have lost a lot of ideas by not writing them down, to only forget them later.

5. Do you write in multiple genres or stick to one?

My first two books that are out right now are in the Romance genre. The book I am working on now is Paranormal Romance. I either write one or the other. I love the Romance genre, but also love opening up my imagination for the Paranormal Romance genre.

6. What are you working on now?

I am working on a Paranormal Romance called “Dimmest of Night.” This is my first Paranormal Romance book and I am having so much fun with it. I wake up in the morning and I can’t wait until I can find a few spare moments to work on it. The character development has been such a joy for me to work on.

7. What is the easiest aspect of writing? The hardest?

I would say the easiest aspect of writing is developing the characters. I sit down a couple of days a head of writing a book and write down everything I want those characters to possess. Some characteristics make the cut some don’t but, I have a drawing board on what I want them to be. The hardest I would say is editing. I am always paranoid that I made a mistake some where that I am just missing. I spend so many hours editing, that I can say I easily put more hours editing a book than I do writing one.

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